Knowledge Abilities Food Technology Graduate

Armed with the knowledge and abilities you have as a food technology graduate. Your role will be needed in companies operating in the food industry. And below we summarize 5 prospects for food technology.

1. Become an entrepreneur in the food supply sector
Anyone can become an entrepreneur, not only those from the economics faculty. Although you will spend a lot of time learning about food technology. However, studying in the food technology department will also learn about industrial management.

Here you will learn about product manufacturing, packaging, and distribution. Of course, through this material, even though you are a food technology graduate, you will also have knowledge about microeconomics which can be your basic capital for entrepreneurship.

2. Career in government? Who says you can’t!
There are various fields you can enter as a food technology graduate. Generally, it is a government agency that handles and serves affairs related to national food supply. The first is the Ministry of Agriculture whose work is closely related to national food ingredients.

The second government agency that you can enter as a food technology graduate is BPOM or the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency. And the last one is LIPI or the Indonesian Institute of Sciences.

3. Work as a food and nutrition consultant in a company
This field is of course closely related bo slot gacor to the food science and technology major you choose. As a consultant, of course your job will not be far from providing consultations about a food product.

The consultation you provide will usually relate to the quality of the food product, its nutritional content, and its safety when consumed. Apart from these 3 things, as a food and nutrition consultant you can also provide consultations regarding production, marketing and market trends related to food.

4. Work as product development
Every company must have a special division that handles these products. Companies operating in the food industry are no exception. With the knowledge you have during your studies in the field of food engineering, this position is certainly very suitable for you.

Moreover, as a product developer, your role will be very vital. Because apart from being responsible for the quality of the product you develop, you are also responsible for keeping the product recipe secret. Of course, don’t ask about salary, you will get more than enough because of the role you have.

5. Become a quality control for food industry companies
Quality control positions are the positions most sought after by food engineering graduates. Although both are related to food products, the responsibilities of quality control and product development are different.

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